With over 20 years commitment to performance career training and education, Casting Partner Jeffrey Dreisbach (McCorkle Casting Ltd) offers a unique, practical, hands on approach to acting as a profession. He serves as consultant, guest artist, workshop provider and speaker/lecturer to schools, colleges and universities looking to enhance their students' professional integrity within the arts community. From career preparation and assessment, audition skills (on camera) and showcase consultation to acting essentials and voice-over training, Jeffrey inspires today's student actor or professional practitioner with tangible skills and a positive, motivational message for success.
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 "...And as for Jeff, well I've praised him before and I will praise him once again.
His knowledge of the casting world in America and the marketing side of the entertainment world is fabulous and his encouragement and enthusiasm for our work, ensuring that we are all given the right tools needed to market ourselves for our industry showcase and our careers as Actors has been a true gift.He adores teaching and it shows. I've said it before and I will say it again. "Where have you been all my life Jefff?!" 
Alixandra Kupcik
  Thank you for doing the audition workshop in my Acting I class today. You are a terrific teacher, and the workshop was VERY valuable for my (obviously diverse) students. I am very much looking forward to seeing you for tomorrow's class, and hopefully to return in future semesters. See you soon."

Mr. Joe Cosentino
Head of the Department of Performing, Visual Arts and Communication
Performing Arts Program Chair
Department Supervisor of Speech and Theater
Mr. Dreisbach,I wanted to thank you again for the copy of your book that you sent me. I love it! I'm assigning it to my students, and the bookstore just placed the order. I plan on assigning it yearly. I love how you approach the business end of the work while still reminding the reader of the artistic life of the work. I've already mentioned it to many of our alums as well.Thank you again,
Megan PersingerGuest Artist InstructorPhonetics, Speech, and DialectsUNCSA School of Drama
University of North Carolina, School of the Arts
"The voiceover workshop that had been given to us from Jeffrey Dreisbach was an experience that surpassed any other I could have imagined. The laid-back yet professional atmosphere that had been created made the class move along well and knowledge of the craft was easily expressed. It's been said in life that for one to be happy, they must combine two of their hobbies. With that, I'm confident that Dreisbach's class will ultimately lead me to a career of success (and some wealth!) I recommend this class, and any of his classes, to any actor, member of the media or public speaker. You can't NOT walk away with something!"
Nicholas Messina

The course was great. Jeff is a great teacher and a very good actor. His is very knowledgeable about not only acting - but the business of acting as well. I would highly recommend any class taught by Jeff. Specific knowledge or skills gained from this course?: film/TV; acting; monologue preparation; audition skills, etc.
Greg Schweers

I found my love for acting!
Edward Surdez

What I liked about this course?: Everything' sums it up. Jeff is a fun, educational, and informative teacher and person. I wish he was my uncle. I love him.
Austin Gelfman

After taking Jeffrey Dreisbach's Workshop, I feel I have gained the insight needed to take the next step in my career.  Jeff taught the class with intelligence, humor and a wealth of knowledge.  Even though there were several people in the class, it was evident to me that he got to know each of us and was able to focus on our particular strengths and weaknesses.  I look forward to taking more of Mr. Dreisbach's classes and urge anyone who is gearing up for a job in the industry to do the same.

Michele McBride
Morning Host
Public Radio
It was truly hands on. Each class consisted of learning about the business and being on camera/seeing yourself on camera.
This class has helped to prepare me even more for pursuing a career in theater. Jeff was a great teacher and took into consideration every student's level.
Faith Burman

This course is packed with fun, practical, hands on information and exercises. It's perfect for anyone seriously considering acting as a profession or hobby.
Mary Andrews
By Scott Stackhouse, Professor of Theatre, University of Missouri, Kansas City
This is a great book for beginners and professionals as well! Jeffrey provides excellent technical information along with personal anecdotes that fully illustrate the world of voice-overs. A must-have for anyone in the field, this book includes many exercises that help take the ambiguity out of the business and make it current, practical and accessible.
c. 646-271-6029
w. 212-244-3899
email: jeffreydreisbach@gmail.com
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        TVI, New York-Interum Director
        Connecticut School of Broadcasting
Jeff's class was amazing!  He explained the tools of how to self-tape in very simple terms. He encouraged lots of questions and also gave us the opportunity to self-tape each other's monologues.  Jeff was extremely generous with sharing his show biz knowledge.  One of the best workshops I ever have taken here at T Schreiber. Kathy D.
Wow wow wow - thank you so much for visiting Northern Illinois University! Your two-day workshop was just wonderful - we all learned such important and insightful information about the business. And your presentation and mock auditions were filled with kindness, directness, and humour. Fabulous combination!  It was indeed a joy having you here.
Kay Martinovich
Director, SDC
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